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This ride takes you as far as possible into the Andes in the Cajon del Maipo, riding fast in the time available. It is usually a one-on-one experience as inexperienced riders go much more slowly, but we can take several people if they are all of the same level of experience, perhaps friends or people who know each other.

With this kind of ride, the real equestrian and mountain experience of our one-on-one tailored trips, we can take you up above the tree line into the wider vistas of the Andes. The pace does not go out of a walk usually, as the paths are steep and rocky so galloping is inappropriate, but the horses move very fast and cover the ground. It is not endurance riding as such but we have saddles which are designed to be comfortable for long hours in the saddle. They are covered with sheepskins which make soreness unlikely.

Our horses are very high quality, many of them ‘inscrito’ which is a kind of Chilean thoroughbred. Our guides ride them in rodeos at weekends and they are strong and surefooted, also beautifully mannered as they are highly trained. This ride will give you a satisfying equestrian experience.

One-on-one tailored trips: Who is it for?

This ride is for experienced riders who want to go on horseback and cover the ground, see as much as possible, ride hard. We have found that there are people who come to Chile on business or for a conference who like to explore on horseback a bit of most countries that they visit. So with a day free before or after the business meetings they like nothing better than a serious ride in the mountains, one of our one-on-one tailored trips.

This is a ‘rider’s ride’, not suitable for beginners or inexperienced riders who will prefer our popular day rides. Usually there will be one or at most two riders, a short break for lunch, and otherwise riding up and out on our best horses with our best guides. The lower Andes are wonderfully beautiful but there is a magic about the higher parts which cannot be conveyed in words. We are specialists in providing an exciting and stimulating riding experience.

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Package prices: 1 day ride with lunch

  • 85,000 Chilean pesos per rider

Transport is not included.

Taxi costs: A car for up to 3 people costs 45,000 CLP and a minivan for 4 to 10 people costs 80,000 CLP.

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