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DAY RIDE: 40,000 CLP per person

Santiago Chile things to do: one day tour

Looking for things to do around Santiago? Want to see the Andes mountains? A horseback riding day trip is top of the list of things to do in Santiago, winter or summer! Let us take you on a fantastic day tour on horseback into the Andes near Santiago. Suitable for first time riders or experienced…

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CAMPING TRIP on horseback: 215,000 CLP per person

horse riding mountain camping trip in the andes chile

Camping trips on horseback, from one to three nights. Sleep under the stars in the Chilean Andes. A horse riding holiday like no other; visit idyllic spots in the mountains, ride our lovely horses. All the food and baggage is taken up on mules and our guides make you comfortable, with a camp fire to…

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Private horseback tour: 75,000 CLP per person

one on one rides fro experienced horse riders

A ride tailored for experienced riders who want to cover the ground and see as much as possible of the Andes mountains. Our horses are good quality and well cared for, strong Chilean corralero horses some of which are thoroughbred. Our guides are first class horsemen who love the mountains which they have worked since…

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