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andes mountains on horseback terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Horse Riding Chile

We are not a company, with offices and insurance policies. We are native English speakers working in partnership with a Chilean family of arrieros (horsemen) taking tourists and Santiago day trippers on tours into the Chilean Andes that surround Santiago.

The administration and contact with customers is all in English or Spanish. The guides who take you into the mountains in the Cajon del Maipo near Santiago speak mainly Spanish but are good at communication. The lives of these arrieros have been spent working with horses and mules in the mountains and they are experts at what they do. They know the mountains like the backs of their hands, they respect the terrain and they love the life in the Cordillera (mountain range). They enjoy taking you horse riding in the Cajon del Maipo.

We are confident that the guides can escort you safely in these mountains and that you can have an enchanting, exciting riding holiday. You will be renting from us horses, mules and guides to look after the horses and show the way, and also food and tents.

You will therefore need to have your own comprehensive insurance, covering adventure travel. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions don’t hesitate to contact us: rides@horseridingchile.com

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