Reviews and Comments II: Horse riding guides, or arrieros

We are particularly proud of our guides, their abilities, professionalism and care of our visitors. They are known here as arrieros and as well as ability with horses the real arrieros also know how to handle and load that much more difficult beast, the mule.

Rigo is our head guide and often works with his sons, Angelo and Victor. Then there is Leo and his sons, who live alongside the parcela and work with us a lot.

Rigo is probably one of the best arrieros (cowboys) in the Cajon del Maipo and used to break in and train many of the horses around here when he was young. Possibly as a result of that he now has a bad back and has to be more careful, but as he is most at home in the mountains (el cerro as it is called here) he still takes rides with visitors and is so excellent with everyone, but especially children, that we are grateful for that. Son of an arrero, he accompanied his father into the mountains as a young boy and learnt his trade in a very practical way. Sadly, although the younger men are fine horsemen and excellent guides for day rides, few of them have the skill with mules that their fathers have. On camping rides they accompany their fathers, work hard and are very professional, but need help and guidance loading the cargo onto mules – food and camping equipment – onto mules as it is an extremely skilled task.

Some excerpts from TripAdvisor reviews are listed below the photographs.

arriero guide Victor makes lassos and belts

child rider on horseback crossing river

There were three of us and we had two guides, Leo and Poncho. They were the best! After we got to camp, Leo made himself a fishing pole and proceeded to catch fresh trout for our dinner.  April 2014

Our guide Rigo made us feel safe, is a true pro, and was a joy to be around

special thanks to Rigo the horse whisperer, what a champ!

Our guides were more than happy to take photos of us along the way and were very helpful even if our Spanish wasn’t the best.

The guides were really friendly, professional and great with the kids, even teaching them how to fish with a line and a tin can! 

The guides were very experienced and went at a comfortable pace, allowing me to take pictures as we went along

The guide/ cowboy only spoke spanish, but he was SO nice and looked after us all the time

our guide, Angelo, a kind master of horses, professional in every aspect, and even with the language barrier, we received the warmest of communications.  Angelo even got off his horse to take a photo of us!

 it was awesome! The family, guide, driver were amazing – friendly, helpful, communicated very well and the adventure was wonderful.

The cowboys were amazing and if you ask nice enough they may even let you try out the spurs!

Rigo, Victor and the rest of the arrerios are all excellent with the horses and you feel like you’re in safehands throughout. A great bunch of guys and very professional.

 our 4 year old daughter, she had never been on a horse before but Rigo made her feel so relaxed straight away that she took it all in her stride and had a very enjoyable day out, she is still talking about how she rode a horse with a real cowboy, I think it was her highlight of our 11 days in Santiago.

mules loaded on a camping trip on horseback

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