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Reviews and Comments IX: Novice riders

Novices and beginner riders

A surprisingly large proportion of our visitors who come for a horse ride in the Andes and first-time riders or anyway novices. I am always tremendously impressed at their courage as although I started riding horses when I was six years old, I am still a coward and often feel nervous. However, it is an unnecessary emotion on Chilean horses and I think I have it as a conditioned response from having ridden English horses who are much more nervy and difficult to ride. Chilean horses have such a good calm temperament and are so well trained that they are really easy to ride. The saddles also are very supportive, made for long endurance rides in the mountains, and are not slippery like English saddles, being covered with layers of sheepskin. So really, it is quite easy, as so many people have found. Even to the extent that they can manage the rather startling-looking terrain, which though also safe does not always look it. The horses are so calm and confident, and, as we were told when we first arrived, “The horse knows the way”. So we have lots of comments (below) from people who have ridden for the first time with us and found it easy.

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riding on horseback through a volcanic area with children
riding with children on horseback through a volcanic area in the high Andes

crossing a river in the Andes on a horseback ride
Child’s play crossing a river

 We had never ridden a horse before, and yet all we needed was a quick lesson before we joined the trail – the impeccably well trained and well-treated horses did the rest for us! Doing this tour in winter meant that we rode up into the mountains, with breathtaking views of snow capped peaks. June 2014

We had NO horseback riding experience at all, but it was very simple and with the guidance of the English speaking Harry and his wife giving us instructions it was easy! Rigo who was the cowboy that took us out was great  May 2014

I had never ridden a horse before, but this wasn’t an issue: the horses are so well trained (I cannot remember the name of mine but I called him Manuel) and due to the terrain, the pace is not fast enough to be an issue. April 2014

. I’ve never ridden a horse before but was well looked after and given the confidence to get straight on and depart on the tour. The horses were very well behaved and didn’t give me any cause for concern. On top of this the scenes were spectacular and we were fed some of the best meat i’ve ever eaten. August 2013

What an amazing experience for my first time on a horse! August 2013

We took this day out last month with our 4 year old daughter, she had never been on a horse before but Rigo made her feel so relaxed straight away that she took it all in her stride and had a very enjoyable day out, she is still talking about how she rode a horse with a real cowboy, I think it was her highlight of our 11 days in Santiago. August 2013

 No experience is necessary, the closest I’ve been to a horse is when betting at the track, but the horses are so well trained after about 15 minutes I felt like Damien Oliver. So off we set, 2 Aussie city slickers on horseback following our guide Rigo & for backup behind us was another guide Leo then the mule carrying all our gear (next time I’ll leave my coffee machine in Melbourne) plus a few dogs for good measure. March 2013

My sister and I have never ridden a horse before but it was really easy and plenty of beautiful sights ! Feb 2013

the fact that Darren had not ridden before did not matter at all (much to his relief).  November 2013


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