Quality horseback tours: What makes us special?

quality horseback tours: things to do in Santiago chile

Reasons why quality horseback tours with Horse Riding Chile are special

1. Tailor made rides

An outdoors activity tailor made for you and your companions, or even just 1 person, perfect for special occasions, horse riding in the Andes mountains, in the Cajon del Maipo just outside Santiago.

2. Authenticity

Your guides come from among the arrieros who live and work in the Cajon del Maipo. They enjoy showing you their country.

3. Good quality horses

Some of whom are corraleros, others quiet but sturdy mountain horses. The guides expert eye matches the horse to your preferences and requirements.

4. Efficient administration

Administration in native English, or Spanish.

5. “Fair trade”.

Working in equal partnership with Chilean arrieros.

6. Environmentally friendly?

With horses as transport the only damage we do is light a fire for the barbecue – always with old dead wood that is lying around.

7. Consumer satisfaction

horse riding chile santiago

From Nathan (extra long day ride, October 2014)

We arrived back tired and a little sore, but still with the silly grins on our faces. This is truly one of very few places left where a gringo can still get his cowboy on.

horse riding chile santiago

From Lauren Fear (2 days, winter snow in El Toyo):

‘It was surreal’

horse riding chile santiago

From Aaron Kolpelowitz (5 days high Andes)

The ride was one of the highlights of the last 10 years. The horses were wonderfully well cared for and it was apparent in their stature and gate. Rigo and Angelo were excellent guides. It was a pleasure to be able to ride at any pace at all times. The vistas and terrain were inspiring and significant. The night sky glowed with the white moon overhead and the southern hemisphere has stars i have never seen.

I do expect to be able to ride with Rigo again soon and look forward to it very much.”

horse riding chile santiago

From Tobias Megerle (1 day trip El Toyo)

“Hi, thanks again for the very nice trip :-)))… Okay, that’s it, I am going to recommend your company to friends, colleagues…”

horse riding chile santiago

From Luiz Fernando Saife Salemi (1 day trip El Toyo)

“Our day at the mountains was just amazing. I can’t describe what I felt that day”

horse riding chile santiago

From Ellen Evans (day trip to the glacier in bad weather)

‘Truly the best day of my life’

horse riding chile santiago

From Kim, Daniel and 8 year-old Liam (4days ride in El Toyo, nights in Hostal)

“We came for 2 nights and stayed 4 because we enjoyed ourselves so much”


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