Chilean horseback trip – One Day Ride – per person


Looking for things to do in Santiago? Let us take you on a fun day tour on horseback into the Andes near Santiago. Suitable for first time riders or experienced horse riders. Come with the specialists!

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One day ride itinerary:

1. You arrive at the parcela and an English speaker will be there to greet you and introduce you to the arrieros (cowboys) and horses who will be accompanying you on the ride.

2. After a short introductory chat on riding in the Andes you set off into the mountains, often along the top side of a beautiful river valley passing cactus and rock formations. Routes sometimes vary at our discretion.

3. Picnic lunch under a tree or by a mountain stream with rocks and pools. Sometimes it is possible to bathe, depending on the time of year.

4. Head back down to the parcela where your driver will be waiting for you. Farewell to horses and arrieros.

Prices: Day tour packages (not including transport):

  • 1 day ride with lunch, is 49,000* Chilean pesos (USD $90) per person.

Transport is not included. A car for up to 3 people costs 40,000 (USD$80) and a minivan for 4+ people costs from 80,000 (USD$160). More details on public transport.and if you want to come by car see our Route Planner page here –