How to pay for a horseback trip ride

How to pay for a ride on Horse Riding Chile using paypal or your credit card.
1. Go to shopping page – or click button?? Or whatever
2. Choose your type of ride – Day trip, Camping or Deposit for a ride
3. Click Add to Cart button immediately below
4. This will take you to the Shopping cart page
5. Here you check the type of product is correct and confirm or alter the number
6. There is a continue shopping button if you want to purchase other ride products
7. There is also a Coupon Code box, with Apply Coupon alongside. Fill in these if relevant.
8. When you are satisfied that the form is correct, click on Proceed to Checkout
9. You will be asked to register or log in — HARRY is this so??. Also it asks for coupon code, but you did that on previous page
10. You will be asked for your billing details – address etc
11. You will now be asked for your Paypal or Credit Card details. We take the payment through Paypal, but you can use a credit card in the normal way without having to join Paypal if you prefer that.
12. Whether you click Paypal or Credit card for the payment, you will be asked for relevant details.
13. Then confirm that you accept the terms and conditions. You must do this before you Place Order
14. Finally Place order.
15. Look in your email for an invoice and confirmation details.

The name – ‘Harry louis Olden’ will appear on your credit card statement.