Mountain horseback guides

horseback guides or arrieros en chile in the high andes

Horseback guides at Horse Riding Chile are special

Above, the guides, or arrieros, working with tourists on a 7 day horse ride in the mountains near Bano Morales.  Taking it in on a ride with El Morado peak in the background, cousins Rigo and Octavio.

Our guides are men brought up in these mountains, like the horses.

Known as arrieros when working, they know the cordillera well from years of experience, and have the same foot sureness and ability to take a safe route as do the horses. Their primary education has been the mountain and its behaviour and secrets. They respect the cordillera de los Andes and they also love it.

Inevitably riding on horseback in a mountain range has its dangers, but with much care and good guidance these can be avoided and your outdoors vacation bring nothing but enjoyment..

We have also included some pictures of them kitted up as huasos to ride in a rodeo – a favourite sport in these parts.

horseback guides or arrieros en chile

Rigo and his son Angelo leading the champion parade in the rodeo of El Toyo.  Right hand photo, Octavio with son Cristobal in a rodeo. If you are an experienced rider you can enjoy riding these same horses on our trips.

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