Solo female riders feel safe

Singles, especially solo female riders felt confident with us, our guides and horses.

Here are some TripAdvisor comments:
5 of 5 starsReviewed 14 June 2014

As i said, words cant describe how amazing this experience was. I admit, as a solo female traveler, I had my doubts about signing up for this and going alone. But, after reading the reviews here on tripadvisor, especially the review of another solo female traveler, I decided to go. I made the best decision of my trip. I cant tell you in words how beautiful it was, i can only strongly advise you to experience it for yourself.

horseback riding in the Andes, cowboy hat
Riding alone with just a guide in the Andes
5 of 5 starsReviewed 2 June 2014

Scheduling was a breeze and they were able to accommodate my dietary needs (vegetarian) for lunch. Everyone I met was very pleasant and as a solo female traveler I felt safe the entire time. Gorgeous views and a great way to see the mountains- definitely recommend!


5 of 5 starsReviewed 14 February 2014 

I just returned from a 3-day/2-night horseriding trip (February 10-12), and it was one of the highlights of my trip to Chile. The inscrito horses are a little smaller and not as wide as the horses that we have in our area (western Canada), so even after a number of hours and consecutive days in the saddle I didn’t get muscle sore as I normally would. My horse was very responsive to the reins and easy to ride, and the many ascents and descents gave no trouble.. The scenery was spectacular at every turn as we made our way further into the mountains. My guide did not speak English, so it was a total immersion experience, which I enjoyed. During our two nights of camping he did all the work (cooking, cleaning dishes, etc), so it was full service all the way and allowed me all the free time I wanted to go for walks and relax. I loved the remoteness of the area, as once we started our climb into the mountains we saw no one for three days.

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