Valle Engorda: High Andes valley ride

Valle Engorda

Riding through high andes valley on horseback, cajon del Maipo Chile

High Andes valley: Valle Engorda horse ride

Take a horseback ride through a stunning high Andes valley with authentic Chilean guides or cowboys, locally known as ‘arrieros’. This is a more gentle day’s riding, with nothing very steep or difficult, although the river is crossed twice on horseback.

This high Andes valley is full of flowers and there are horses and cattle grazing. Valle Engorda means the Fattening Valley and there will be cattle, goats and horses pastured here. Sometimes our guides, who are local arrieros often with their own animals out to graze, will take the  opportunity to move the cattle or horses from one place to another and you will get a real ‘City Slicker’ type of experience. This adds spice to the ride.

As you ride further up the valley the flowers get more interesting and a final picnic near the water and below the steep mountain (Volcan San Jose with its receding glaciers visible) at the end of the valley makes a pleasant end before riding back down.

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