seasons and weather: winter sun in the valley

Seasons and weather:A photo taken in mid May 2011

This picture was taken by Derek who came for a 2 day ride  in May and spent 1 night in a hostal. Autumn begins in March but it is possible to ride and camp out all through April and sometimes in May. In mid-winter we can put you up in a local hotel or hostel and go out for a wonderful sequence of day rides on horseback. The most noticeable thing about central Chile is the sun. The climate is mediterranean, with nearly 8 months of summer weather. If it ever rains in summer it will be brief.

In winter there is rain and snow, but much longer periods of sun in between. So except on wet days it is perfect for riding in winter as well as summer.

We find the best weather forecast is at weatherbug

When camping  in summer, although it is cold at night the sun is hot in the daytime. For this reason normally we go off for our rides before it has begun to burn fiercely, and return in time for an early evening bathe and drink by the fire. If people wished to stay in the campsite all day, we would erect some shade and also there are some small naturally shady spots.

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