mountain Marmolejo, Cajon del Maipo

Marmolejo mountain, seen in left fork as we ride up the valley Engorda

Marmolejo is the highest mountain in the Cajon del Maipo and is the southernmost peak in the world that is over 6000m . This ride involves negotiating rivers which adds a touch of drama even though they are not difficult to cross and the horses, once again, are familiar with the terrain.

Then a ride up, first through a flower-filled valley and then up over patches of snow (depending on the season) to a rocky picnic spot with a view up the great Marmolejo mountain, which is a target for serious mountaineers and one of the footsteps to Everest.

Once again, we ride down in time to relax and enjoy the late afternoon in camp. We may meet baggage trains of mules on the way as colleagues and friends of ours from Bano Morales take mountaineers equipment up to base camp.

See more about the Marmolejo mountain in the Cajon del Maipo here

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  1. Hi I am a student who will be going to Chile from May 24-August 2 and am wondering if you have any dates to go either to the Marmolejo ride or the Valle Engorda ride. I would like to go for 2 days and one night. Let me know if this is possible, I have always wanted to go horseback riding in Chile!

    1. It is winter here in those months and not really possible to camp out. But there are places to stay overnight and then do 2 day rides. I need to make inquiries as to when there will be horses and guides available up there, and I will let you know. It should be near the beginning of your stay here as once it snows the valleys are closed until late spring. I will get back to you soon. Best wishes, Rose Deakin

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