Hanging valleyThe ride up to La Laguna, the lake at the foot of El Morado hanging glacier

In early summer there can be snow on the way to the hanging glacier but this does not always happen. It is a special bonus after a heavy winter and late spring. This photo is of a day ride to the glacier in January 2006. The amount of snow is unusual at that time of year.

The glacier itself is always there, of course, and sometimes the lake at the foot is frozen over and sometimes melted and filled with coffee coloured water and icebergs. It is always an amazing sight.

Hanging glacier El Morado and lake with icebergs

See definition of a hanging glacier

There is also a glacier on the other side of El Morado mountain, known as San Francisco. This can be accessed on foot through the National Park, but horses are not allowed in the Park. The walk is very beautiful, and easy, but does not have the remoteness and magic of the ride


El Morado lagoon and hanging glacier

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