fossil lake ride

The Fossil Lake Ride

This is the most challenging ride as although it is not difficult or dangerous, it is a steep climb, not advised if you suffer from vertigo or are unfit. The horses do not find it hard but they need to rest from time to time as we climb the altitude very rapidly.

The ride up is past an incredible slab of cleancut stone, casting a dark shadow where it goes in front of the bright sun. When the horses reach the first ridge the view is almost unbelievable. You can actually see, as if reading a map, or a view from an aeroplane, all the routes of the other rides, including the campsite with its little river Clarillo meeting the red Morado river and the tents hard to pick out as they are so small.



Fossils from the fossil lake ride

It is enough for some people to have arrived here, to picnic and look at the view, but the more energetic will want to carry on a short way further, over into the next valley, known as La Rubilla.

The last bit of the ride up from this ridge and over into an almost unknown mountain high valley is a little bit more difficult and for inexperienced riders it may be pleasanter to make the short climb on foot. But the view, the lake and the fossils are sufficient reward for the hardy adventurers who press on this far.

Fossil Lake Ride

There is not always time both to go down to the lake and look at fossils, which are in a different part of the valley – you may be faced with a hard decision.

lake in mountains
La Rubilla lagoon in the high cordillera of the Andes near santiago

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