High ANdes camping: campsite with river and flowers

Arriving at our high Andes camping and picnic site in the valley of El Clarillo

El Clarillo is a valley which takes its name from the clear spring river which runs through it and joins the red Morado river in a spectacular clash of water colours and rocky waterfalls at the edge of the valley. Water on high Andes camping trips on horseback is always abundant, whereas lower down the earth gets parched towards the end of summer.

It is a heavenly spot, ideal for the picnic lunch which goes with a one day ride, and approached by crossing a river and passing a small lake where the brave can bathe. On a camping trip in January the humming birds come out in the evening at the end of the small valley and dart around one as one sits reading on a canvas chair in the sun. The flowers are legion in January and still some in February, though fewer.

It is also the valley where we camp on longer expeditions as it has good grazing for the horses who are let loose to graze at night, a multitude of flowers in January and is secluded between huge rocky mountains which keep it almost a secret from the rest of the world.

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