mountain valley Cajon Lo Valdes known as El Avion ride

The vega on El Avion ride with La Rubilla and the fossil valley high on the other side

This ride is named the El Avion ride because an aeroplane crashed into the side of the mountain in 1965, leaving no survivors. The passengers were local taxi-drivers and bus owners going for an expedition to a football match. The ride can be part of a longer camping trip, or a day ride out from Banos Morales

There are fragments of aeroplane on the mountainside still, glinting glass on the rocks. There is also a moving metal cross placed by the families of the dead. Read more here Lan Chile Crash.
Apart from this historical interest it is a ride full of beauty, to a high point where there is a vega, or meadow. It would be possible to ride on up and the mountain known as the Diablo is accessed from here by mountaineers.
The horse ride goes up quite steeply past banks of incredible flowers, the best in the region.

These vary with the time of year but in January and February you should see wild alstromerias as well as ananucas (lily of the mountain) and myriad other flowers.

Looking back we see the secret lake valley across the other side of the gorge. Going down there is a bird’s eye view of Bano Morales and the Refugio Lo Valdes where you may have passed the night if this day is included as part of a longer riding holiday.

Season: There are flowers mostly in January and February. It is impossible to be precise because the weather dictates, but mid-January to early February is a safe time, with many flowers blooming either side of these dates.

Flowers en route

ALso there is a bird’s eye view of B Morales  foto. Any use?

El Avion ride: Mutisia subulata
Mutisia, a type of clavel de campo
flowers in the Andes: alstromeria umbulata
Alstromeria alongside the ride
cistanthe or calendrinia on El Avion ride
Calandrinia, ?hierba del chancho? seen on the horseride to El Avion

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