Valle Engorda on horseback with view of Volcan San Jose

A ride through Valle Engorda on horseback, the Fattening Valley, takes us through rivers and areas full of flowers with a view of Volcan San Jose.

In Valle Engorda on horseback we have to cross the river twice. In wet years there are beautiful, special flowers in a patch near one of the crossings. There is also an unusual flower, nearly black in colour, called Jaborosa negra or possibly jaborosa laciniata. see the flower here: WE use the wonderful books on flowers written by Adriana Hoffmann to help us identify the many plants and flowers in the mountains.
Although they are in Spanish they are not too difficult to use and understand.

Valley Engorda on horsebackflowers seen calandrinia

The rivers run high in the afternoon and are exciting to cross. In some cases the guides put themselves and their horses down-current of ourselves for extra safety. They always keep a careful eye on all the horses and riders under their care. In January the rivers run higher in the afternoon so we have to get back to our overnight camp in good time. It is possible to go to this valley for a day ride, but it is much further away from Santiago and therefore costly to arrange.

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to just hike up and spend the night in a tent, or if there are certain hours that you must be back down by. Thanks

    1. Valle Engorda is not in the National park so there won’t be closing hours. It is private property and sometimes they charge a small amount to go there, but often not. It is not easy to get to on foot, but in summer there is a bus as far as Bano Morales. After that, hitch a lift perhaps to the nearest road access. Good luck and I hope you get on well

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