loading a mule in the mountiansMule being loaded with mountaineers’ baggage to take up to base camp.

The mountains around where we ride are some of the best climbing mountains in the world and attract many climbers, or Andinistas & montanistas as they are called. Some come also to practise before a major climb like Everest.

Mountaineers need some way of taking their baggage and equipment up to base camp. We can provide arrieros of the area – men who know how to handle mules and pack them tight. Our colleagues are extremely reliable. The mountaineering service has fallen into disrepute on occasion when poor service has been received in the past. Our associates provide a good service at a reasonable price.

For more information and quotes, contact us at ridingsantiago@gmail.com, or directly by telephone to Octavio Nunez on (569)96491537. As there is a signal in only a few locations up there you may have to try more than once to make contact. He can also be contacted at his house in San Jose de Maipo, where connections are better.

We also take day expeditions on horseback into the mountains, and camping expeditions if required

Mountaineering service to deliver equipment and baggage to base camps

He take mules to:

Volcan San Jose:
Refugio Plantat
Las Lajas
Cerro Marmalejo:
Aguas Clara
Fin del Valle

Only when weather and snow conditions permit. The higher the altitude, the less weight the mules can carry – on average 60 kg per mule.
All Reservations in advance.

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