Long horseback tour in Valle Engorda, Cajon del Maipo

Long horseback tour in Valle Engorda the Fattening Valley

We take rides of a week or more camping in summer, going out into the high cordillera from a campsite around 2000 metres in an area where cattle and horses are pastured. It is more remote, more difficult to get to and set up a long ride in this area.

From here there are many different day’s ride to choose from. You can do them all, or a selection. One are two need experienced riders and all need a degree of fitness.

They are described in full with photos on the following pages:

The GlacierThe Refugio Plantal, Valle Engorda (pictured above) MarmolejoThe fossil valleyEl Avion. Riding up and back from the valley where we camp involves another 2 days, so it is easy to have an 8 day ride, or less.

We can also design longer horseback rides if you want them, or just one day rides to get out of Santiago, for the energetic. Rides in this area are longer and more expensive than our normal day rides.

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  1. Holaa,

    I am interested in a long ride, I like to start planning early and will probably come to Chile in 9 months. When is the best time to visit. I am unable to come in the middle of your summer as it is winter here in EE UU and I have horses to care for. I live near Canada and I get a lot of snow.

    I am a good rider and interested in visiting horseman in different parts of the world. I have just returned from 3 weeks riding with nomadic herders in Mongolia.

    I speak some Spanish, enough to communicate. I will learn more before I come.

    On your long trips do you use packhorse to carry the camp supplies or do you have camps all ready set up that you stop at?

    I look forward to hearing from you


    1. Hi Dave
      We can certainly do a long trip for you. Not quite like Mongolia because more mountainous but almost equally remote. WE use packhorses as there is nothing, not even a fence or a shack, up there in the Andes. The only thing we don’t carry is water and horse feed – there are rivers for water and we let the horses loose and catch them the next day usually. I am going to send you an email with a more detailed proposal.

  2. Hello, I am in Santiago Chile at the moment and I am very interested in a long trip. Now I have never ridden a horse so best to say I have zero experience. Is there a pre-training available?

    1. Hello Alex, thank you for your comment. We can probably take you on a long ride – depending a little the dates, and certainly give you some pre-ride practice. I will answer at more length and in detail in an email, within a day or two, so please n=bear with me. Best wishes, Rose

  3. Hola, I’m traveling to Santiago in February with a friend and am interested in a long trip. 2nights 3days.
    My friend has riding skills but I have little experience but plenty of willingess to learn. Is camping the only option or are there other accommodations?
    Regards, John

    1. Hallo and thanks for your comment. We can certainly take you for a 2 nights 3 days trip in February, and there are overnight options other than camping if you prefer. I will send you the details in an email, as it is quite long and complicated. I am travelling at the moment myself, so will communicate after Christmas if that is all right with you. Can you give me any idea of the dates you prefer in February? Thanks and best wishes, Rose

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