Marcelo lasso horse or muleArriero lassoing a mule ready to work again today after a night grazing free in the mountains

Chilean arrieros are expert at lassoing horses and cattle, and never ride in the mountains, even on a day ride, without a lasso attached to their saddles. It i salso part of the special costume of a huaso when performing in rodeos or ceremonies of any kind.

On a ride out overnight the horses and mules are let loose on the mountainside and have to be caught in the morning. Here an arriero is successfully placing his lasso around the neck of a mule. Sometimes they will teach our visitors how to lasso horse.


When lassoing cattle the best method is said to be to throw the loop so that the animal steps into the loop with its two front legs, to cause it to stop or fall in a way that does it least damage.

Lassos are often hand-crafted

arriero guide Victor makes lassos and belts

Our guide Victor is an excellent leather worker, makes things like plaited lassos, reins and belts.


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