Food and diets on a horse ride

Rigo rustles up another tasty dish

food on a horse ride near SantiagoFood on the rides (Rigo making bread on a horse ride)

Food on 1 Day Rides:

In winter we usually provide a barbecue for one day horse rides and in summer a picnic. The food is fresh and good, but simple as it is based on what the arrieros, or cowboys, like to eat in the mountains. Chileans like good food so it is tasty, but authentic. We are happy to provide vegetarian food or special diets if you let us know in advance.

Food on horse rides with overnight camping:

On overnight camping rides we provide a picnic lunch, a good breakfast with usually eggs or porridge, avocado, fruit and toast and coffee. At night we make a fire and cook either a barbecue or something like cazuela ( Chilean national dish a bit like Irish stew) or soup and spaghetti.

We provide beer and wine and, on camping rides, usually pisco sour. We provide water for day rides and for camping trips we boil water and leave it to cool overnight for your water bottles.

We are happy to cater for most special diets and vegetarians on a horse ride if you give us details in advance.

2 thoughts on “Food and diets on a horse ride

  1. what do you have to eat to be a good olympic horse rider?

    1. I really do not know, but I put your comment into Google and the answer seems to be ‘watch what you eat’.

      Another article said “over recent years the number of women competing has dramatically increased with around 80 percent of the competitors now being female. This has broughtabout many changes in the way the sport is developing. Far more emphasis is being placed onfitness, diet and exercise for both horse and rider, rather than just sheer physical strength.”
      No actual details, but diet important. That’s the best I can do – I hope it helps.

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