Horse paintings: Australian artist Ros Goody

Horse paintings - a rodeo huasos chileA group of ‘huasos’ or men riding in a Chilean rodeo, waiting to run. In the group are some of our guides.

Reasons we so much enjoy helping with Horse Riding Chile include the visitors, who are nearly always interesting and even fascinating people.

We have had a number of riders from Qantas airline: pilots, air crew and cabin staff. The day trip suits them well when they have a day or two stopover in Santiago.

Last year we had a Qantas group whom we could not take horseback riding as the horses and guides were all occupied in a local rodeo.

So they asked us to organise a day out in the Cajon del Maipo and go to the rodeo, a local affair rather than one of the official high-cost rodeos which also happen all over Chile.

Horse paintings – an artist’s dream

One of the pilots who came is married to Ros Goody, a distinguished artist who paints scenes from the countryside and wild life. Her website is He took photos of the rodeo to show her back in Australia and as a result they both came over on a flight which he piloted. They spent a few days in Santiago, one of which was at our parcela/ranch. From the photos which Ros took she has done some beautiful horse paintings which are currently on exhibition in Australia and will soon go up on her website.

the pack mule horse painter rosVictor leading a mule laden with sleeping bags, tents, provisions. They are going out into the mountains to go up for an overnight camping ride with a group of our visitors;

You can imagine the pleasure this gives us and our colleagues, the huaso/arriero/guides. It is an enjoyable task in any case to help people to see and experience the amazing beauty and strangeness of the Andes taking a ride with us, but the added pleasure of meeting such interesting people is an extra bonus.

You can see more of her great paintings inspired by her day out with the cowboys, mules and horses –  Here.

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