Glacier horse ride

Riding up to the glacier

Glacier horse ride to El MoradoGlacier horse ride: Riding on horseback to El Morado hanging glacier & frozen lake

This glacier one day horse ride is not difficult but it is long, and more tiring than most. Riding  up a long valley which is sometimes covered in snow, we get to the frozen lake and hanging glacier of El Morado. This is the other side of the mountain from the National park and the San Francisco glacier. Later in summer the water in the late melts and turns coffee coloured, with floating icebergs.

The horses on this glacier horse ride seem untroubled by the snow and are as footsure as ever. In the second half of January and in February it is unlikely that you will ride over snow, but there are lovely flowers by the side of the trail, which fully compensate for the lack of snow.

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  1. Can you please send me further information on this tour?
    would it be available tomorrow?

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