Parcela Rose: Cajon del Maipo

Our parcela and view

parcela cajon del Maipo

Parcela Rose at El Toyo, Cajon del Maipo, near Santiago , Chile

Our parcela, or parcel of land, a small holding of 2 hectareas, is part of the enormous El Toyo estate in hte Cajon del Maipo. This comprises 20,000 hectareas of mainly mountain land, stretching from just east of San Jose de Maipo to the outskirts of Santiago in a valley called Cajon del Maipo which is hte ‘green lung’ of Santiago. It is the only beautiful rural area within easy reach of Santiago, apart from the skiing slopes.

It is easy to ride out for day rides or camping holidays on horseback into the beautiful estate of El Toyo whose owner, or ‘dueno, is a friend of ours. Here the native trees, many protected species, grow freely at the lower levels of the Andes. Cactus and the native chagual make strange horizons and streams and rivers rush down to join the Maipo river at the floor of the valley.

Parcela Rose, home of our horses in the Cajon del Maipo

The parcela is 2 hectareas, approx 4 1/2 acres, half agricultural – grass & walnuts, half populated with Chilean native trees, like quillay & espino.

We have 7 or 8 horses in the parcela, sometimes also a mule, or a steer to practise on for rodeos. As well as a grass field the parcela has an area with huge quillays, the protected Chilean evergreen tree, and fig trees which provide deep shade and delicious fruit.

We take day rides out from the parcela straight onto the mountain, up and over into beautiful valleys with pools for bathing.

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