rodeo champion horses and ridersRodeo champion, father and son winners

Our arriero guides, Rigo and Angelo, are fanatical riders in the local rodeos.  Here they appear as huasos in their special kit and beautiful pair of rodeo champion horses. These two horses, known to us as El Coipo and El Flaco, are both ‘inscrito’ ( a sort of thoroughbred) and they often qualify and sometimes win ‘El Champion’. The competition is hot!

The history of Horse Riding Chile is closely linked with rodeos as the first horses were purchased with rodeo riding in mind as their principal activity. We only began to do commercial rides for a day or overnight camping rides when our friends from England insisted we take them, rather than a larger company offering rides in the mountains. This is one reason why we have such good horses – much better than the usual horses available to tourist riders in Chile. The majority are ‘inscrito’ which is a type of thoroughbred in Chile. Then we also bought some more sturdy horses later, for inexperienced riders and children. They are all great goers, very well mannered and quiet yet energetic and surefooted.

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