Leo Chilean mountain horseman, copywright Bruce Kennedy

Riding in the cordillera through the mist. ©Bruce Kennedy

Leo, a real Chilean mountain horseman, lives alongside our parcela en El Toyo. He has lived and worked these local mountains all his life.

He is an excellent and ‘muy simpatico’ guide with lots of good references from our visitors on our different rides. He is is proud to show the beauties and mysteries of the place where he lives to our visitors and he is  appreciated by them for his attention and simple courtesy. This is clear from the favourable mentions that he gets in emails and reviews on TripAdvisor.

Our guide Leo, Chilean mountain horseman with his dogs

A Chilean mountain horseman with country skills

When not at work Leo spends time in the mountains catching rabbits with home-made devices or fishing in the little rivers with a tin can and a string line. These and numerous other country pursuits he learnt from his fathers and forefathers. Visitors can often fish alongside him if they enjoy that. Later the catch may be  barbecued lunch or supper if they are not vegetarians. Children especially enjoy this sport and Leo is wonderful with children, like all our guides and probably most Chileans. Children have a special place in Chilean society and our guides are mostly family men.

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