Camping in the Andes of Chile

Some of the camp sites we use for horseback camping in the Andes of Chile.

 Our parcela (a small piece of land) in the Cajon del Maipo is just over an hour’s drive from Santiago – the perfect outdoors from city centre, easy for horse riding in the Cajon del Maipo.
Santiago is situated NE of our ranch location. Map details for our parcela.

Camping in El Toyo (1000 – 1750 m) with lovely pools to bathe in

camping in the Chilean Andes near santiago

We take rides in El Toyo with camping overnight between October and March, inclusive. The campsites are delightful places usually protected by large quillay trees.

We always camp near a river and there are pools and places to bathe.

Camping on horse rides in the high cordillera (1850 – 3000 m) Jan to Feb

camping in the chilean andes near santiago

Banos Morales (1850 – 3000 m)

Camping in the Chilean Andes at over 2000m in the valley called El Clarillo. It is a small hidden valley, not known to many people.  A small river runs through it and the irrigation streams create a paradise for birds and flowers, as well as grazing for the horses.

From here there are different spectacular rides going out to a glacier, to a high fossil lake, a mountain refuge on Volcan San Jose, a long rich valley called La Engorda (the Fattening valley) and also shorter rides around the campsite, suitable for families with children.

High altitude camping in the Chilean andes

The sun is hot in the daytime, but normally we go off for our rides before the sun has begun to burn fiercely, and return in time for an early evening bathe and drink by the fire. If people wished to stay in the campsite all day, we would erect some shade and also there are some small naturally shady spots. The tents are two-person tents but we allow one per person as they are not very large. We have four-person tents for couples. We put a toilet in a secluded place always with an amazing view.

high lake camping in the Chilean andes

We pride ourselves on the quality of the food which is all cooked over the fire. Most days fresh bread is made and we bring plenty of fruit and vegetables up on mules, and usually a goat which will serve for a barbecue eveningand later for soup or cazuela, a Chilean national dish.

When camping in the chilean andes we offer wine, a beer or soft drinks of juice for refreshment and sometimes an Pisco sour . We boil plenty of water all the time so that there is safe drinking water for water bottles and tea or coffee. Lunch is usually a picnic – something like ham and bread and tomatoes, or quails eggs, or local goats’ cheese. Because it is high up ( about 2,500 metres and we ride up higher in the daytime) we find that most people do not have very large appetites, but we allow plenty so that no one need be hungry.

More about our camping tours into the Chilean Andes

We have also put this video together to show you a small aspect of preparing for a camping trip into the Chilean andes. It stars “Estuche the mule” being loaded with camping essentials. Doing the packing are two expert arrieros who live and work in the andes mountains, near Santiago. Watch it now!

How to load a mule: Horseback riding mountain camping in the Chilean Andes near Santiago

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