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about horse riding chile's Horseback riding near Santiago

Where two continents meet and how we work together.

Rides are run by a group of arrieros, local horsemen, who live in the Cajon del Maipo. These men have worked all their lives in the Andes mountains, in the Cajon del Maipo near Santiago. They know the mountains and their trails like no one else and can take you horse riding up there in the Andes mountains in the Cajon del Maipo. Horseback riding near Santiago is a great adventure, even for inexperienced riders.

Horseback riding near Santiago, working with local horsemen

In order to assist the arrieros, cowboys, of the Cajon del Maipo to make contact with people wanting to ride in the glorious Andes mountains, native English speakers living locally in the Cajon del Maipo manage the emails and communications in English and Spanish. This association between the English speaking residents and a group of local ‘arrieros,’ has lasted several years. It began with a joint purchase of horses to ride in rodeos. Later, requests from friends travelling on holiday to Chile gradually changed it into a horseback riding tour business. Day rides and camping holidays on horseback are provided along with bespoke and customised rides.

The arrieros in Chile enjoy taking tours in the mountains and showing visitors the beauties and wonders of  their country and the Andes. People enjoy being taken into the mountains by genuine local horsemen. They are immensely ‘simpatico’ and they add authenticity to the experience with your visit to Chile.

In addition, most tours of Chile will allow you to look at the Andes mountains, but not to go right into them, along hidden trails and ancient mountain paths. This is a very special experience into the heart of Chile.

See the real Chile!

Arrieros de la zona – horsemen from the mountains near Santiago,

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