DAY RIDE: 55,000 CLP per person

Santiago Chile things to do: one day tour

Looking for things to do in Santiago? Let us take you on a fun day tour, ride on horseback into the Andes mountains near Santiago. Suitable for first time riders or experienced horse riders. Come with the specialists! We can also offer shorter rides – see below.

Santiago day trips, rides itinerary: Horseback rides into the Andes mountains

1. You arrive at the parcela or ranch in the Cajon del Maipo and an English speaker will be there to greet you and introduce you to the arrieros (cowboys) and horses who will be accompanying you on the ride into the mountains.

2. After a short introductory chat on riding in the Andes you set off into the mountains, often along the top side of a beautiful river valley passing cactus and rock formations. Routes sometimes vary at our discretion.

3. Picnic lunch under a tree or by a mountain stream with rocks and pools. Sometimes it is possible to bathe, depending on the time of year.

4. Head back down to the parcela where your driver will be waiting for you. Farewell to horses and arrieros.

Prices: Daytime tour package (not including transport):

  • A Daytime ride with lunch, is 55,000 CLP (Chilean pesos) per person.

Contact us to get a price. or Horse Riding Chile on +56 9 5938 7729

Summer special: Evening tour package (not including transport):

  • Evening ride from 5 pm (times flexible in Summer), is from 65,000 Chilean pesos per person – please inquire about availability.

Transport options and Taxi costs:

Transport is not included. A car for up to 3 people costs 45,000 CLP and a minivan for 4+ people costs from 85,000CLP. More details on public transport and if you want to come by car see our Route Planner page here –

The journey takes just over an hour from the centre of Santiago. Riders arrive at our ranch between 10-30 and 11.30 am and for our day ride return to the ranch between 3.30 and 4.00 pm. (Shorter rides are also available – contact us).

What to do to book this tour:

Fill in our enquiries form and we can give you a more detailed quote for your Day Ride. Click below:

Enquiries form horse riding Chile tours trips adventure

Availability: All year round

In winter the mountains around are snow-capped and on certain days we can ride up as far as the snow, usually in full sun. In summer it is warmer, the rivers sparkle, the rock pools invite and the cactus may be in flower.

You will feel the mountains in a way it is impossible to describe. The mountains are steep, the paths often narrow but the routes we take are safe if you go with our excellent guides. This trip has been rated by Trip Advisor as one of the top 20 ‘ things to do in Santiago’ when visiting Chile.

Santiago Chile things to do: one day tour - Santiago day trips rides
Santiago Chile things to do: One daytime horseback tour
Things to do in Santiago – Who is it for?

People wondering what to do in Santiago with a free day and who would enjoy a great tour, an adventure into the Andes. Perfect for everyone: first-time riders and onwards, people looking for a real taste of Chile, things to do around Santiago.

We will send you into the mountains on horseback with our great team of guides. Our guides are real working arrieros (Chilean cowboys) experts in horsemanship, travelling and survival in the Chilean Andes in the Cajon de Maipo. Our horses are strong, quiet and well-mannered. This is one of the top things to do in Santiago.

Children on Horseback

We are happy to take children into the mountains and they usually get wonderful pleasure out of a ride  of this kind. However, it is not suitable for very young children (7 and over). Also it is normal to offer discounts for children in most activities but we have the problem that children put a much greater responsibility on us and also a greater cost. We normally send at least one extra guide and horse to make sure that children get proper care and attention as there are risks involved. For that reason we cannot sensibly give discounts, although we try our best to give a reasonable price.

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Enquiries form horse riding Chile tours trips adventure

All prices are in Chilean pesos. Contact us – or Horse Riding Chile on +56 9 5938 7729

17 thoughts on “DAY RIDE: 55,000 CLP per person

  1. Hello,
    My husband and I would like to do a day tour to the Andes including horseback riding.
    Is this available next week, ideally on November 22.
    How long does a taxi ride take from the city?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Kate Heylen

  2. Dear Kate
    I have sent prices and description to your email. Please let me know if it it has arrived. We would be very happy to take you for a ride on November 22nd. The taxi ride is just over an hour from central Santiago. See more details and pictures in my email to you. Best wishes, Rose

  3. Hello,

    We would like to do a day Tour in the andes with horseback riding. Would it be Possible on monday, 28th of April?

    Please let us know.
    Kind regards,

    Laura and Nikola

    1. Hello Laura
      We’d be very happy to take you for a ride on Monday. I have emailed you with more details.

  4. Hello,

    Me and my boyfriend are very interested in taking a horse riding tour with you on Monday 19th May. Which would you recommend the most, the day tour or night tour?
    We are available for either on this date.

    Thanks you.

    Best wishes,

    Rebecca Lyons

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      We’d be very happy to take you for a ride on Monday. I will email you with more details and options.

  5. Hola!

    I am interested in a day tour on Thursday June 12. Is that day available?


  6. Hi,

    I am in Santiago for a work trip in October. I would love to do a day tour with you on Saturday the 25th. Will this be possible?


  7. Hola!

    Would it be possible to go on a group horse ride on the 4th or 5th of July?

    Muchas gracias,


  8. Hello.

    We would like to do a ride with you. We are three: me (34), my wife (33) and my daughter (6). We are arriving in Santiago january 5th and leaving in january 17th. What is the best day to do the ride? What is the lowest price to all three? Go by taxi from the downtown Santiago is the best option, or is better go with a rent car or even bus? Thank you very much.

  9. Hi we’d like to do a day horse ride on the 23rd of March (2 people), could you please email me a price? We need return transport to Santiago and are happy to get a train or similar. My email is

    Thanks, Clair

  10. Hi there,

    I am an experience rider (I have a horse in my own country and have been riding for about 3 years), I would love to come to one of your tours but unfortunately I will only have one afternoon free before I fly back home! I am staying in Santiago, do you also organise any shorter trips? The date would be Friday 24th April.

    Thank you!


  11. Hello,
    My group of four will be staying in Santiago in June. June 9-11 are our optional days. I noticed taxi and minivan options. Are these options from Santiago, Provencia area? I am hoping for details on availability ,price, and transport.
    Thank you,

  12. Hello,

    Would it be possible to join a group for the day ride on November 27 or 28 or 29?



  13. Hello I just sent an email wanting more information

    1. I think Ellen will recive your email and respond to that. Thank you for your enquiry.

  14. Hola, my husband and I are wanting to book a evening ride either tomorrow night ( 21st) or the next night (22nd)
    Would this be possible at all?

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