Reviews and Comments VI: Cowgirl

One of the pleasures of riding in the Andes on Chilean horses and with proper local tack is that you get to feel like a cowboy – or cowgirl as the case may  be.

The reins usually are usually  of rope and saddles covered with thick sheepskin and shaped to stop you slipping off. The stirrups are leather cups to protect your feet from rocks and so forth. Bridles made of leather, with fierce bits. Most adjustments are done by loops and knots, not the buckles that we are used to. They can be undone at a touch in case of trouble.

As well as helmets we have cowboy hats to lend to you to complete the illusion – although the main reason is to keep the hot sun off your face!

Some excerpts from TripAdvisor reviews are listed below the photograph.


horseback riding in the Andes, cowboy hat

A day trip, Feb 2014:
We had a wonderful experience. I felt like a cowgirl for the day!! 

C from Brazil, March 2014:
They looked after my little daughter with kindness and patience, as it was her first horse riding experience. A proper helmet was provided to her. She just loved playing a cowgirl for a day.

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